We are please to announce we have started our servers again. They are only starting out so we ask for your patience while we set up the server. The server is a total complete new server freshly installed from scratch so it will take a while to get it up to a fully operational server with ranks and a fully operational buycraft shop.

As usualy I am looking for admins and moderators, however Admins and Mods with specific skills such as server operation and plugin knowledge to assist with the setup of the server. Although not essential it is perferrable if you have skills such as these to offer MineOz Mc.

I am looking for Admins and Mods who are dedicated in maintaining our server and website, I am not interested in people who just want the status of being an Admin or Mod of a server, meaning if you don’t want to help then you are no good as an admin or moderator. Likewise if you have no intention of visiting the server on a regular basis, if you cannot do this I cannot use you as an Admin or Mod. Committment is a priority.

A proactive Admin or Mod will be paid for their service, however for this to happen, we need players. The more proactive you are, the more players you recruit, the quicker the server will make money an dthe quicker you will get paid. No players means no pay.

Feel free to head over to the application to join.